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May 2016

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What is Mud, really?

So, why Mud? Well, it’s sticky, visceral, it’s the earth, it’s made into pies, it’s dirty (but pleasingly cleansing for the skin), it’s full of life, you can smear it across your face, taste it, roll in it, get filthy. And isn’t art and poetry the same? Shouldn’t words and pictures be more than just something to look at?

Mud celebrates everything that’s human, that’s wild, that’s daring to be unleashed – and all of this via the most evocative illustrations, digital art, daring wit, and magnificent wordsmithery. It’s a Press to drool at, and if The Mighty Boosh were still about I’m sure a miniature Vince Noir would be dancing within Mud’s pages, crimping to some electric robotic moves.

Mud creates anthologies to scribble on, to press against you, to sleep with if you like (we don’t judge). You are officially allowed to love these anthologies any way you’d like.

Mud puts passion into action. As well as producing work so tasty it should be edible (if only), Mud also gets the community thinkin’ by running writing workshops and collaborative projects – oh, and there are so many more to come. Stay tuned, Nottingham folk. And if you’re further afield, Mud might even reach you too.

Want to experience Mud in all it’s glory? Explore Hunger, bursting with wanting, lust, desire, and venom. It’s you in your darker moments, the violet moments, the moments that pulse. Keep your peepers open for the next call for submissions too – whether you’re an illustrator or a poet.

Go on, rub yer face on it. You know you want to.

Caroline H 🙂

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Wordsmithy Wizard

Would you look at that! We’ve been fortunate enough to bag ourselves a resident blogger, and not just any blogger either, but the fabulous Caroline Hardaker Writes!

She’s here to help spread the word about the fun (and sometimes not so fun) things we get up to here at Mud. We’re a bit bad at keeping you all up to date you see, so Caroline’s going to whip us (and our blog) into shape!

Caroline hails from Newcastle Upon Tyne, and has a first class degree in English Literature and a masters degree in Culture and Heritage from Newcastle University. Her poetry, fiction, and features have been published widely in print and online, and she’ll do (almost) anything to get everyone to have a go at writing or making. She is the Creator behind Knittynudo, and lives with a forest of houseplants, a husband, two snails, and a betta fish with attitude.

Watch this space for her wordsmith wizardry, coming soon (we’re so excited!) …


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