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Founder of Mud Press Interviewed by BBC Radio Nottingham – Palpitations!

So what do you get if you combine Valentine’s Day, Nottingham, a spectacularly Mouthy Poet, and a splattering of Mud? You get this bloody love-beset poem, you do!

Georgina Wilding, the founder of our dear and dirty Mud Press, was approached by BBC Nottingham to write a poem for Valentine’s Day, and after knuckling down to it came up with this stonker (watch the video via the BBC Radio Nottingham Facebook page).

George was also interviewed live on BBC Radio Nottingham (palpitations!) on what makes a Mouthy Poet, why poetry works, about the language of truth, and of course luuurve. You can listen to the broadcast here (skip to 1:51:03 to get straight to the interview).

So whether you’re spending Valentine’s with the cat, with a box set, or with a rather special human being – why not write it down, poetry stylee?

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