About Us

Mud Press is an independent poetry publisher based in Nottingham, UK,
which aims to produce anthologies you’ll want to rub yer face on! The books operate as beautiful hybrids; a cross contamination of magazine, anthology, portfolio, all featuring the best poets of the decade – both up and coming and established.

Each Mud Press release consists of poems that call on you to scribble over them with notes, underlines and exclamations; call on you to quote extracts like song lyrics as the moment evokes; to retell their essence to friends and family over dinner tables and sticky bars like you were there the moment the words were born.

And every cover features designs by illustrators who’ve worked their craft to convey individual interpretation of titles and moods. Their work, the thing that holds together the world going on amongst the pages beneath it, is matt laminated, waiting to be rubbed.


A note from the Boss

‘People ask me, “why publishing?” and it’s like, I’m the kid on the beach again, scuba suit and bucket hat, running back and forth from the rocks like “ahh, look at this amazing shell I’ve just found, oh and this one, and this one!” Up and down, to show anyone who’ll look. Every time I’m at a poetry gig, or something catches me in a submission, or I see a draft of someone’s work that gives me goose bumps I just think, people need to see this!’

Georgina Wilding

Mud Press