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Mud Press’s first release is a collection of poems – some heartbreaking, some revealing, some creepy. All tied together under the theme of ‘Hunger’. The book serves as a visual feast as well as a literary one, featuring a number of cropped, black and white photographs of the poets that are interspersed throughout their work.

Towards the back of the book, the reader is treated to a look ‘Inside The Poem’. The poets have provided unique and varied insights into the conception, motivation and editing of their pieces – both literal and abstract.

Printed on a heavyweight 120gsm paper, the book takes on the look and physical feel of a magazine such as ‘Firewords’ or ‘Boneshaker’, but holds the carefully curated literary pedigree of an anthology.

Everyone has felt hunger, lust, desire – now Mud Press offers the chance to explore it with this tactile combination of words and images.

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Poetry (Anthology)


A5 Paperback



2 reviews for HUNGER

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Russell Christie

    Weird I guess, to describe poetry under the rubric of ‘Hunger’ as entertaining, but there is an active, theatrical dynamism about this first publication from Mud Press that I’m enjoying. Part of that comes in the required, physical engagement with the book.

    At first, I was a little suspicious, that the book only contains ten poems, explicitly. Seemed a bit pricey and nouveau cuisine . But this is not how it works. Each poem is quadrupled. Facing each poem is a full page B&W tile, a synecdoche of the poet, a suggestion of who they might be. This is the first extension. At the back of the book, the editor has invited each poet to say something about their poem. These elucidations are rather additions, poetic in themselves. They don’t detract from the poems but provide another thing, in another physical place, which sort of increases the dimensionality of the poem, an extra foot, an extra place-holder. A slip of biography in another section adds to this curious turning back and forth. A structure builds, of a person or a place or a poet, beyond the individual poems. These four bricks of each poet/poem extend across the layout of the book. And then there is the thematic dialogue between the poems. The physical book is then the playing out of a spatial entity, in a way that cannot be mimicked on flat tablets or devices. This structuring strikes me as novel, ambitious and entertaining.

    Saying this, the poems themselves also hold their own. Georgina Wilding’s selection from an open submission call has been judicial. There are ten strong voices here. These are mainly young poets, somehow miraculously practised in mature statement – many of whom have learned their craft in the recent flourishing of creative writing courses, in universities and elsewhere. But this is not fridge magnet or formulaic poetry. These poets push through those formulas and their acquired, deliberate novelty into an authentic grounding and being in place, with something to say. In that, they manage a colloquial density, a compact brevity of line which is both deceptively fresh, and easy to read, and deceptively loaded with experience.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Stephen Thomas

    This is a beautifully designed and illustrated poetry anthology that provides an ideal platform for ten, judiciously selected pieces of writing. They represent ten very distinct and very diverse voices and I can guarantee that anyone reading will make a strong connection with at least one of the pieces. For me personally I was gripped by the pieces by Joshua Jones and Georgina Norie. Am already looking forward to the next release from Mud Press 🙂

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